The Price is Right

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—Nick Walker, with illustrations by Jacques Perrault

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8 thoughts on “The Price is Right”

  1. Sounds like some Canadians are hopping on the “alternative facts” band wagon and only choosing to believe what they want rather than listening to the facts which have been backed up by years of research and studies. Because that makes sense in this backwards world, right??

  2. bill mccutcheon

    as a farmer I continually sequester carbon through plants and trees etc yet all the fuel I use is increasing by several percent with no chance of recovery how can I get credit for my contribution

  3. Governments seem to get more creative in finding ways to squeeze citizens a bit harder to extract more money from them.A carbon tax is yet another way of doing this.In the long run, I don’t think that introducing this tax will do anything in reducing global warming or have any real impact on climate change. This old globe we call home will continue to change in whatever way it will and humans will have very little impact on the consequences.

  4. Global warming is very real. And the best way to stop it is by giving more money to the government. Because they can simply pay the earth to chill out. That’s the logic here.

  5. Isn’t this double taxing? Businesses are being taxed for their product and I as a consumer am being taxed again for the same product?

  6. If people still go out and vote after this carbon tax is forced on the citizens of Canada they are living in dreamland. The fact is our vote don’t matter and they have lied with their false science and kept real scientific opposition out of the media. Global warming was a scam and proven a scam so they changed the title to climate change. Now they are charging us with every breath we exhale. When winter changes to summer as per the “climate change” we will all pay for that too, welcome to the Luciferian new world order!…Use cash, back out of the system, don’t vote!

    1. Energy Exchange

      Thank you for reaching out. At Energy Exchange we are committed to providing a systems-based understanding of energy production and use in Canada, from our sources of energy to the energy services and amenities they provide. This includes the impact our energy system has on the world around us.

      The term global warming refers to “the increase in Earth’s average surface temperature due to rising levels of greenhouse gases” and their effect on the planet (

      On the other hand, climate change refers to “a long-term change in the Earth’s climate, or of a region on Earth”. (

      So what is climate? While weather is what we experience day-to-day, climate is an average of surface temperatures and precipitation patterns in a place over a long period of time. We can use climate data to tell us what is normal weather for a region throughout the seasons.

      The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) has a good explanation: “We talk about climate change in terms of years, decades, and centuries. Scientists study climate to look for trends or cycles of variability, such as the changes in wind patterns, ocean surface temperatures and precipitation over the equatorial Pacific that result in El Niño and La Niña, and also to place cycles or other phenomena into the bigger picture of possible longer term or more permanent climate changes.” (

      The scientific evidence that human-induced climate change is real is unequivocal. The effects of climate change do not look the same around the world, and this often can cause confusion when you live in an area that is not seeing these effects first hand – effects such as unpredictable and extreme weather events that are being experienced elsewhere. (

      You and other Energy Exchange readers might find this website of particular interest concerning your questions regarding climate change:

  7. Hydro rates THROUGH the roof,too afraid to utilize my own hydro as keeping warm requires over 700.00 a month and being pensioned off,due to a injury,just can’t cut it.Whynn should see it from this side of the fence,struggle to keep warm,know what it is like to conserve.People will soon freeze to death because of her

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