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Canadian Geographic magazine is a Canadian magazine that is unapologetic about celebrating Canada. The magazine is dedicated to uncovering and communicating the stories about Canadian people, places, frontiers and issues (past and present) that Canadian magazine readers want. Owned by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Canadian Geographic magazine is more than a geography publication, each issue of Canadian Geographic is a voyage of discovery and exploration that features the latest science, environment, travel and human and cultural stories from across Canada. The writing comes to visual life through stunning photography and elegant art direction. No Canadian magazine rivals Canadian Geographic’s production values.

The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge is a competition among Canadian classes from kindergarten to Grade 12 that aims to increase energy awareness among youth and educators. There are three streams to the competition: the Classroom Challenge, the Video Contest and the Green Your School Contest (learn more about each stream below). As classes progress through the competition, students will learn valuable lessons about energy use and share that knowledge with their school, communities and the rest of the country. This year there are more than 40 prizes to be won, with a total value of $40,000.

The Energy IQ program is researched, created and evaluated by Canadian Geographic Education. The program aims to increase energy and geographic literacy in Canada by including information about all resources, both renewable and non-renewable, that are a part of Canada’s energy mix. Energy IQ receives financial support from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Let’s Talk Energy is a national program run by the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation that aims to enhance energy awareness and literacy among Canadians. It invites all to explore energy systems and their elements, and the relationship between energy, the Canadian economy and the environment. This initiative brings together a national network of partners and consists of exhibitions, virtual tools, school programs, and a national awareness week.

Let’s Talk Science is a national, charitable, science education organization that creates and delivers unique learning programs and services that engage children, youth and educators in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Let’s Talk Science programs include: Let’s Talk Science Outreach, free, national volunteer-led activities for preschool to Grade 12 youth; CurioCity, web-enabled STEM engagement program for Grade 8 to Grade 12 students and educators; and IdeaPark, early learning program and resources for preschool to Grade 3 educators.

The goal of Canada’s electricity industry has always been sustainable, reliable and affordable power for all Canadians — but how do we get there was conceived to promote a dialogue, a place for thoughtful Canadians to learn more and to have their say on one of the biggest issues facing us today.

Student Energy is a global not-for-profit that is creating the next generation of energy leaders committed to transitioning the world to a sustainable future. Student Energy aims to educate, inspire and unite students around the world on energy challenges and opportunities.