Webinar | Reimagining Urban Networks

How Can Cities Meet Their Energy Needs Cleanly and Economically?

Across Canada, cities are one of the largest drivers of new energy demand. With the need to transition to clean energy sources and anticipated increases in electricity use, meeting urban energy needs represents a significant challenge.

At the same time, as we start to prepare our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, lowering costs for all customers and encouraging local economic development is a top priority.

Pollution Probe, Canada’s oldest environmental charity, has been using imminent closure of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (NGS) near Toronto as a case study in how developing urban clean energy services could benefit both the economy and the environment. In March, we released our report, ‘Replacing Pickering: The Next Step in the GTA’s Clean Energy Transition.’

This webinar looks at the balance of opportunities and barriers to clean energy developments that can be beneficial on multiple levels. Hosted by Pollution Probe’s Director of Energy Richard Carlson, and featuring speakers spotlighting real-world projects, we bring you a deep-dive into how urban areas can flexibly, cleanly and affordably keep their electricity system going in the future.

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