On Thursday, September 14, Energy Exchange held a webinar on the future of transportation in Canada, as part of Natural Resources Canada’s Generation Energy initiative. Canada’s experts in transportation led participants in a generative discussion on the future of transportation in Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy, discussing questions including:

  • What energy sources and technologies will power our transportation in 2050? 
  • How will public transit contribute to a low carbon future? 
  • What’s the future of personal mobility? Active transportation? Freight? 


Richard Carlson

Energy Exchange
Pollution Probe
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Dr. Josipa G. Petrunic 
Executive Director & CEO
Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC)
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Matthew Klippenstein
Canadian EV Chronicler
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Rolf Lockwood
Vice President, Editorial
Newcom Business Media
Publishers of Today’s Trucking Magazine, Transport Routier Magazine and TodaysTrucking.com website
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This free webinar was part of the Government of Canada’s Generation Energy initiative, a cross-country dialogue on the future of energy in Canada.