Let’s Talk Climate Action: Energy Exchange Submission to the Government of Canada

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Energy Exchange Submission to support the development of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

While identifying pathways to a low-carbon economy there is a critical aspect of engaging and educating Canadians on how this energy transition will affect their lives and businesses. An important part of our programming at Pollution Probe is through the work of Energy Exchange which works towards the goal of measurably increasing energy literacy levels across Canada.


At first, the focus in Canada was on building awareness and decision making capacity around our vast and diverse energy endowment. However, things have changed significantly and though it is still critical to educate people across Canada on our energy system and the value it creates in their lives, we also need to address climate change and the transition towards a low carbon economy; new technologies and innovations; the need for conservation and efficiency; and an increasingly complex energy system that is evolving more rapidly than we can handle. This has caused uncertainty in the marketplace, leaving industry and energy end users confused and polarized on what path we should take as we move forward. Through engagement with our key stakeholders and community of practice, we believe government focus on the following strategic areas would allow Canadians to work together towards providing solutions to our transition to a low-carbon energy system:

  • Invest in Initiatives that Build Public Confidence including Energy and Climate Literacy
  • Improve Publicly Available Energy and Climate Data
  • Use a Collaborative Approach to Energy and Climate Decision Making


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